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This site is dedicated to researching the Harty Family in the United States of America. Drawing our lineage back to Hans Jacobsen Hartje, immigrating from Bern, Switzerland and arriving in America on April 16, 1663 in New Amsterdam (modern day New York City), our line has been based out of Southeast Missouri since the late 1790's. The primary aim of this site is to gather the family together from across the Nation and even the entire world, as we seek to number our family and take pleasure in the diversity of each individual in the Harty Family.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Remembering our Harty Veterans

This is a repeat post from Memorial Day, but the sentiment is the same. I love and respect all American veterans and current servicemen, but especially those in my family. I thought you might enjoy this great video slide show of the Trace Adkins song, Arlington. The images are moving and it will help you remember the sacrifices of those that keep our Nation safe. I know it did for me.

Revolutionary War
Daniel Harty, New Jersey

Civil War
Joseph G. Lewis, 2nd Lieutenant - Commanding, 8th MO Cavalry, Cos A & B, CSA

Eli. C. Lewis, 1st Private, 8th MO Cavalry, Cos A & B, CSA

Jacob Cossairt, Captain, 8th MO Cavalry, Co. I, USWorld War II
PFC Paul Harty, Sr. (1942)

Colonel M. Robert Buckley, MD, 116th Infantry, 29th Division

Paul Harty Jr, 3rd Class Petty Officer - US Navy

This is my Dad, Mom and older brother Lewis when he was about 7 months old. Dad appears as though he just returned from the Mediterranean in May 1971 in this pic. It is on the deck of the USS Leahy, DLG 16, and Dad said it was the last time he set foot on the deck. It is now decommissioned.

Gordon Harty, - US Army - 1 Apr 1972 This is my Uncle Gordon, and his wife Pam on their wedding day. Uncle Gordon was involved with tanks during the war. He was a part of the Tank Corps in Colorado Springs.

Ramona Harty, 3rd Class Petty Officer - US Navy
This is my Aunt Ramona as she graduated from her initial Navy boot camp. Her husband, Peter Ayuso, was also in the Navy (that is where they met), but he has since passed away. (Thanks to my cousin Celesta for providing this pic...it looks real nice and fits in quite well!)

Kevin Harty - E-5, specialist - United States Army
This is my cousin Kevin. His is my Uncle Gary's oldest son. He is a proud active member of the 28th Infantry Division. Hooah! Kevin...keep up the super work in defense of the greatest Nation on God's green earth!

Kevin appears to be in the far back row on the right.

If you look in the comments section, you'll see a real long post. That is where some of our ancestors who were veterans are also listed. Again, most of the posts here are direct ancestors to me. But there were many more who served to protect America.

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