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This site is dedicated to researching the Harty Family in the United States of America. Drawing our lineage back to Hans Jacobsen Hartje, immigrating from Bern, Switzerland and arriving in America on April 16, 1663 in New Amsterdam (modern day New York City), our line has been based out of Southeast Missouri since the late 1790's. The primary aim of this site is to gather the family together from across the Nation and even the entire world, as we seek to number our family and take pleasure in the diversity of each individual in the Harty Family.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ruben and Alcy Harty

This picture of Ruben Franklin Harty Sr. was taken circa 1896. The birth dates of all in the picture are as follows:

Back row:
3rd Child, Althea Harty, b. 19 Jun 1887 (about 11 years old)
1st Child, Claude Elmer Harty, b. 13 Jan 1883 (about 13 years old)
2nd Child, Ruben Franklin Harty, Jr., b. 23 Dec 1884 (about 12 years old)
Front Row:
5th Child, William Riley Harty, b. 19 Apr 1892 (about 4 years old)
Father, Ruben Franklin Harty, Sr., b 11 Nov 1860 (about 36 years old)
Mother, Alcy Amelia Whitledge, b. 24 Oct 1857 (about 39 years old)
6th Child, Raymond Harty, b. 5 Dec 1894 (about 2 years old)
4th Child, Mary Magdalena Harty, b. 5 Oct 1889 (about 7 years old)

Not pictured, because they are not born yet, are Ruth Harty, b. 2 Aug 1897 and Ernest Hampton Harty, b. 23 Dec 1900. All the children lived to old age, except Mary, who died when she was only 20. I wonder what caused her death? Maybe my Dad can clear up the mystery. A good looking bunch, that is for sure. I look at Ruben Sr. there and realize that my hair is cut short, and I have a goatee as well, although, my beard is no where near that long, nor will it be! He also is a year older than me. We have 5 kids instead of 6 though.

This picture, if in the banner, would be placed right above the one of the seated husband, wife and child. Of course, as shown in the blog, Ruben F. Harty Jr. is just a boy in this picture, while in the aforementioned picture it is him as a young married man. So including this picture, there are several generations of Hartys shown here!


Bethany said...

Do you know what year this pic was taken?

CSA Brent said...

Aren't Claude and Ruben II cute all decked out in their suits and bowler hats?!! Look like a couple of missionaries, don't they?!


bethmarie said...

Hello, You and I are related. Paul Harty was a brother to my mother Madge Maloney. Please visit my MSN Space
http://bethmariesrecipes.spaces.live.com/ to see some older pictures of our family. I also have another blog. It is http://msbethmarie.spaces.live.com/
I live just down the road from you on I57.

rae dean said...

Hello, I am Madge Maloney's youngest daughter, Rae. I was named after Grandpa Harty's sister,
Althea, and his brother, Raymond.
I live in W.V. The pictures were wonderful. I loved to see the one of Mom, Grandpa and Grandma. I can remember your father when he was little and lived over by Macomb. I enjoyed your blog.

CSA Brent said...

The older family pictures of Ruben Franklin Harty and Ruben Franklin Harty II was provided to me by Audrey (Harty) Wood, my first cousin. You might want to give her credit for the discovery of those pictures. I am going to email her and tell her about your blog. I bet she will like it.

Thanks Aunt Audrey!

CSA Brent said...

Beth Marie

So good to hear from you! It is exciting to see family that I'm not aware of find their way to this page...that is pretty much the whole point! I added your site to my links on the side...please feel free to do the same. I bet you might know of my Dad, Paul Harty Jr. We need to share notes...please feel free to email me at bnbharty@yahoo.com.

Thankss for the post...ps...I recognized the pic of the Carnalls...I have photo copy of it. I'll probably copy it from your site sometime in the future...Thanks again!

CSA Brent said...


Great to hear from you too! How very exciting...I'd love to share what info we all have...stories, pictures, etc. Anything about the family. I have more Harty pics to put up...this site is still just a few weeks old, and I'm a bit busy with work.

Anyway, please email me at bnbharty@yahoo.com ...let's collaborate more. Thanks for visiting and glad you liked it so far! bh