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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More Old Harty Family Pics

This picture was sent some of my Dad's cousins who requested the picture. These are the children of Ruben F. Harty II and his wife Cora E. Carnall Harty.

Jack, Frank, Claude, Paul, & Edna circa 1923

Circa 1908

Their ages in 1923 would have been roughly:

Ruben Franklin Harty, II - b. 23 Dec 1884 approx. 39 years old (not pictured)
Cora Elsie Carnall Harty - b. 10 Jan 1883 approx. 40 years old (not pictured)

Ina Madge Harty Maloney - b. 10 Jan 1907 approx. 16 years old (not pictured)
Mabel Esther Harty Wilkerson - b. 7 Sept 1908 approx. 15 years old (not pictured)
Jack Harty b. 5 Aug 1909 approx. 14 years old
Ruben Franklin Harty, III - b. 21 May 1911 approx. 12 years old
Edna Ruth Harty Wren - b. 4 Mar 1916 approx. 7 years old
Claude Alfred Harty - b, 15 Apr 1918 approx. 5 years old
Paul Hampton Harty, Sr. - b. 9 Mar 1922 approx. 1 year old


Dad said...

Brent, Audrey felt that these were not the children of Ruben Franklin Harty and Cora (Carnall) Harty. I was hesitant to identify them as such because the children, didn't really look like who the picture identified them as being. In looking at the picture that you doctored up, they might actually be children of Ruben Franklin Harty I, but I don't really know. See if anyone else can identify them. Good job on the photo. It is so much clearer now.

CSA Brent said...

Yep...I just cropped it a little tighter, although the original picture had some neat period items in it as well.

CSA Brent said...

Yea, the ages look off on the features of the kids. Edna is the one that gives it away. The rest look believeable, but Edna doesn't quite look like 7 years old.