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Monday, May 28, 2007

Hartys Who Fought for America

I was just pondering on my family, and I realized that there were Hartys fighting in defense of America in all the major conflicts in American History. Here is the list that I know of. This is my direct kin. So we'll leave it at that, as I know that just in the 8th Missouri Cavalry Reg. alone, I had 25 ancestors!

Revolutionary War
Daniel Harty, New Jersey

Civil War
Joseph G. Lewis, 2nd Lieutenant - Commanding, 8th MO Cavalry, Cos A & B, CSA

Eli. C. Lewis, 1st Private, 8th MO Cavalry, Cos A & B, CSA

Jacob Cossairt, Captain, 8th MO Cavalry, Co. I, USWorld War II
PFC Paul Harty, Sr. (1942)

Colonel M. Robert Buckley, MD, 116th Infantry, 29th Division

Paul Harty Jr, 3rd Class Petty Officer - US Navy

This is my Dad, Mom and older brother Lewis when he was about 7 months old. Dad appears as though he just returned from the Mediterranean in May 1971 in this pic. It is on the deck of the USS Leahy, DLG 16, and Dad said it was the last time he set foot on the deck. It is now decommissioned.

Gordon Harty, - US Army - 1 Apr 1972 This is my Uncle Gordon, and his wife Pam on their wedding day. Uncle Gordon was involved with tanks during the war. He was a part of the Tank Corps in Colorado Springs.

Ramona Harty, 3rd Class Petty Officer - US Navy
This is my Aunt Ramona as she graduated from her initial Navy boot camp. Her husband, Peter Ayuso, was also in the Navy (that is where they met), but he has since passed away. (Thanks to my cousing Celesta for providing this pic...it looks real nice and fits in quite well!)

Kevin Harty - E-5, specialist - United States Army
This is my cousin Kevin. His is my Uncle Gary's oldest son. He is a proud active member of the 28th Infantry Division. Hooah! Kevin...keep up the super work in defense of the greatest Nation on God's green earth!

Kevin appears to be in the far back row on the right.

If you look in the comments section, you'll see a real long post. That is where some of our ancestors who were veterans are also listed. Again, most of the posts here are direct ancestors to me. But there were many more who served to protect America.


Bethany said...

That's neat! And I love the picture of Lewis, Paul, and Carol. That's awesome!

Paul Harty Jr. said...

Hi Brent,

The picture of Lewis, Carol and I was taken on board the USS Leahy, DLG 16 after we came home from an extensive tour of duty in the Mediterranean Sea. That was the last time that I stepped on her deck, as it The Leahy was decommissioned and is no more. This is still one of my favorite pictures. Great job!

CSA Brent said...

Hi Brent,

Carol's dad was a Full bird Col. He landed on Normandy Beach in WWII.
His name is listed under Dad's picture, and should be below his own picture.

I was an E4 or 3rd Class Petty Officer, not a Lt. Wish I had been a Lt., I would have stayed in the Navy.

This is for your information and is not a complete list of Harty-Buckley soldiers and sailors but here it is:

French & Indian War:

Peter Banta served with George Rogers Clark in lower Illinois
Capt Robert Munford 7th ggf of Carol
Colonel William Beverly 7th ggf of Carol
Capt William Allen 7th ggf of Carol
Capt John Caldwell 8th ggf of Carol
Lt. Col. Edwin Conway 8th ggf of Carol
Colonel Joseph Ball 8th ggf of Carol

Revolutionary War:

Thomas English
Dennis Harty b 1745 d ca 1790 served in Morris Co. NJ. Militia
Peter Cossairt
Francis Cossairt, Peter's father and a Private Citizen (funding etc.)
Pvt. Francis Foard 5th ggf of Carol
Pvt.John Arrington 5th ggf of Carol
Pvt Walter Robert Fitts 5 ggf of Carol
Ps George Brownlee Sr 5 ggf of Carol
Colonel Robert Payne 5th ggf of Carol
Pvt Moses Sherrill 5th ggf of Carol
Pvt John Tuck 6th ggf of Carol
Pvt Francis Byrd 6th ggf of Carol
Colonel Robert Munford 7th ggf of Carol
PS William Wilkinson 6th ggf of Carol
Pvt Nicholas Wilkinson 7th ggf of Carol
Pvt John Vaughan 6th ggf of Carol
Captain Reuben Vaughan 7th ggf of Carol DAR chapter named after him.
Pvt. Jacob Frick 6th ggf of Carol
Pvt. James Ritchie 6th ggf of Carol
Pvt William Stewart 6th ggf of Carol
Lt. John Hoyle 6th ggf of Carol

War of 1812:

Daniel Harty b 1790 d. 1860 Stoddard County, Missouri
Jacob Harty b 1788 Brother to Daniel
Dennis Harty b. 1786 brother to Daniel, all served with General Andrew Jackson,
hence Daniel's first born being named Andrew Jackson Harty.
Ensign Richard Tuck 5th ggf Carol

Mexican War:

Civil War:

Jacob Cossairt, Captain 8th USA Cavalry
Francis Cossairt, Pvt , father of Jacob
Several brothers to Jacob, 4 in #,

War Between the States:

Lt. Joseph Guild Lewis 8th Mo Cavalry CSA
Corporal Eli Cooper Lewis, brother to Joseph
Pvt. Joseph Henry Buckley
Captain William Munford Tuck 3rd ggf of Carol
Sgt Samuel Jones Fitts 3rd ggf of Carol
Pvt James Brownlee 3rd ggf of Carol (Jimmie's namesake)
Jordan Nathaniel Payne 2n ggf of Carol (Nathaniels namesake)

Spanish American:


Great Uncle Claude Elmer Harty
Great Uncle Ray Harty
Great Uncle Wes Kauder, husband of Ruth Harty


PFC Paul Hampton Harty Sr.
Colonel Millard Robert Buckley

Vietnam era-Jordan Crisis:

Petty Officer Third Class Paul Hampton Harty Jr. USN
Gordon Emile Harty-Tank Corps Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Petty Officer Third Class Ramona Ruth Harty USN

Thought you might be interested in all of this information. I know that there are a whole lot more Harty and Harty Related direct ancestors that fought in all of these wars. I also know that many of them were prominent leaders in their local, state and federal government. I'll get that to you as soon as I can. I really didn't document a lot of that kind of stuff, because I was interested in the direct lines rather than the color that went with the names. I'll go back and get that.

CSA Brent said...

Bethany, that picture came off my Mom's website, under the part about her starting in 1969. Here is the link...


CSA Brent said...

I just realized that some of these ancestors on here don't have Harty in their name. In the case of the Lewis's and Cossairt, they are 3g grandfathers of myself. So they are in the mix, of course, of relation, and close at that.

Dad said...

The following men are direct line grandfathers:

Peter Banta, Thomas English,Dennis Harty, Daniel Harty, Peter and Francis Cossairt, Jacob and Francis Cossairt, Lt. Joseph Guild Lewis, and Private Joseph Henry Buckley. I know that there are gobs more direct line Harty and collateral families too. Mom has hers better documented.

Jorden Harty said...

My name is Jorden Harty, great grand nephew of a Gordon Harty. I heard that my ancestors came from the US and settled a town somewhere in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. My great grandpa George was one of 11 children...Gordon was his brother and he fought in WW2. We are now a family of Harty's in British Columbia!
I would guess that there is a connection between all of these people I read about here and the small family history of mine, I would love to try to piece this together with someone! All the best from us Canadian Harty's