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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial to Lt. Col. M. Robert Bucley, MD

In remembrance on Memorial Day, I would be quite remiss if I didn't also honor my other Grandpa, Lt. Col. M. Robert Buckley, MD. This is, of course, my mother, Carol Randolph Buckley Harty's daddy.

I happen to have several more pictures of him during WWII than Grandpa Harty. I think of him storming Omaha Beach, without so much as a pistol to take him up the hill. Doctors couldn't carry a weapon due to their oath. How would you like to run up that hill without even a side arm?! Pretty crazy stuff, eh?! He also had poor vision, so he had 13, I believe, extra glasses made up for his ascent. I also know that he disobeyed orders and didn't go directly up to the top. You see, he stopped to help others up that were wounded, and even went back for several mates. Hooah! He may have got a lesser honor for disobeying orders, but I know in those fellows eyes', he was top notch.

And so he is in mine. I never met Robert here on this earth. But I'll meet up with him again someday, and I look forward to getting to know him much better. These pictures were taken in 1940. The woman is of course, his wife, Maxine E. Frix Buckley, or as I know her, Baba Louie! The one of Omaha Beach was taken on 6 Jun 1944, and was found in a book! And I also have his headstone at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

It is very fitting that a Virginian remained in Virginia soil upon passing away. And of course, this National Cemetery is on the grounds of perhaps the greatest Virginian, Robert Edward Lee. So please take a moment, even though not a Harty by blood, but by marriage, my grandfather Robert Buckley...truly another everyday, average American who did his duty to defend American. Without individuals like my two grandpas...well, I don't care to consider how different the world would be.

I surely thank and praise my Father in Heaven for their willingness to sacrifice and to know that I'm who I am today because of both of these great men.

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Bethany said...

Great job! I too am thankful for all those who served in our countries military so we can enjoy the freedoms that we do today!