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Friday, July 6, 2007

Old Harty Pictures

Here are some old pictures that my Dad gave me to post. Unfortunately, several are in bad shape. I tried to clean them up as best as possible. Here they are:

Alcy Amelia Whitledge circa 1930

Claude Harty in WW I uniform circa 1918

Claude and Opal Harty circa 1930

Sons of Ruben Franklin Harty, circa 1930

Back of this photo, showing from Left to Right:
Ruben F. Harty II, Ernest H. Harty, W. Riley Harty, Raymond Harty, Claude E. Harty

I recognized my great Grandpa Harty right away from his stance. I thought I had seen him standing like that in a picture, but I don't think so. I figure his son, my Grandpa Harty, must have stood the same way! If I'm not mistaken, that looks a lot like my Dad's handwriting on the back of this photo. Dad, any idea when it was taken?


Dad said...

The picture of grandpa Harty, better known as Ruben Franklin Harty II, shows him in one of his favorite stances. Your Grandpa, Paul Hampton Harty would often stand that way, and so do I. So I guess we copied his stance or the "genes" have held sway!
That is my writing on the back of the picture. I labeled all of the old pictures that I could identify before I lost my memory. Good thing too! I do not have an exact date as to when the picture was taken, but it was at Grandpa Harty's farm, just across the tracks from Essex.

Dad said...

The actual handwriting was my mother's. Celesta Izella (Lewis) Harty had beautiful handwriting didn't she? Mom was a beautiful woman, and a great mom. She loved dad with all of her heart. Did you know that grandpa Harty met her at the doctor's office, probably Dr. Samuel Davis, and told dad that he should get sick and visit her? Well he did. Grandpa recognized her beauty and the loyalty that she gave to those she loved long before dad even knew her. I guess that should be another plus for grandpa Harty! What do you think?

Brent Harty said...

I guess you are referring to the top handwriting, while the darker handwriting below is yours, right?

Nathaniel said...

Haha, I hadn't heard that's how they met. Pretty cool.

Dad said...

Yes, the printing is mine, the actual writing is my mother's, Celesta Izella (Lewis) Harty.

Anonymous said...

Hi my family tree says we are related Rodney dean harty