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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Avoiding National Degeneration

Here is a great quote found by my brother, Nathaniel. This was said by John Dickinson from Pennsylvania in the late 1770's likely during the 'independence years' of America.

"Honour, justice and humanity call upon us to hold, and to transmit to our posterity, that liberty, which we received from our ancestors. It is not our duty to leave wealth to our children: but it is our duty, to leave liberty to them. No infamy, iniquity, or cruelty, can exceed our own, if we, born and educated in a country of freedom, intitled to its blessings, and knowing their value, pusillanimously deserting the post assigned to us by Divine Providence, surrender succeeding generations to a condition of wretchedness, from which no human efforts, in all probability, will be sufficient to extricate them; the experience of all states mournfully demonstrating to us, that when arbitrary power has been established over them, even the wisest and bravest nations, that ever flourished, have, in a few years, degenerated into abject and wretched vassals."

That is a very clear warning of history of Nations from Dickinson. We are not above this happening to the United States of America. I fear this apathy that is prevalent across the nation, that it will lead to our loss of liberty and freedom. Jefferson warns against this also (see the Declaration of Independence - Preamble). Note that Dickinson was always trying to keep America on terms that would allow the colonies to return to Great Britain in one form or another. So revolution is not always the key. Just keep things running well. And right now, I think the U.S.A has several occurrences that are showing a 'sickness' that needs cured.

I am proud to say that Harty's through the generations have actively been involved in honoring America and what it stands for...Liberty!


Dad said...

Great quote and warning from Dickinson, and your concern is certainly valid. The people of America are gradually, and sometimes, speedily losing their honor and their freedoms without knowing or caring in some cases. They feel that the Federal government knows best and give up their ability to care for themselves because they are thoughtless and lazy. They would rather pursue fleeting personal happiness provided by a culture that prizes social happiness, recreation, sports, computer games and things like IPODS, as opposed to the realization that a Democracy is based on the willing and active participation of its citizens. Men like Robert E. Lee, George Washington, John Dickinson, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin knew this and often gave their fortunes and lives to protect those caught up in foolish pursuance of habits and practices that have infected the very fiber of freedom and liberty.
It isn't too late, but the cry must begin now and ring out with the same force that cracked the Liberty Bell.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

— Edmund Burke,(1729-1797)

"You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything!"

Both of these quotes are very true.
I commend you for your vigilance. Teach your children, be an example for your neighborhood and workplace and be willing to stand up for truth, justice and the American Way any time the opportunity exists. Keep up the good work.

CSA Brent said...

Yes, so true, Dad. Great comment. I guess this is simply the common natural man doing his thing.

I just hope that enough 'noble and great ones' are out there still. Men like Washington and Lee, and the divinely set apart men that have always stood up to form and keep America...our Armed Forces.

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