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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Paul and Izella (Lewis) Harty pic

Again, here are some super pics courtesy of my cousin Celesta Krantz (Johnston) - she is Paulette's daughter in case you didn't know. These are some more great pics of Grandpa Harty and his first wife, Izella. I never got the chance to meet Grandma Izella, but surely look forward to that glorious meeting on the other side. As you may know, all of my Dad's sibilings were all children of Paul Harty Sr and his wife Celesta Izella Lewis. Most of these pics are from their early marriage years. Thanks again for the great pics, Celesta...Enjoy!

Izella at sand pits near Bloomfield, MO 1941
(notice handwritten note by Paul Harty Sr)

Paul and Izella prior to their marriage - 1941
(They sure look quite happy to be in each other's company!)

Not sure when this pic was taken, but I'm guessing it sometime during courtship.

Paul and Izella shortly after their marriage in 1942
(Grandpa left for the service about a month after their marriage!)

Paul with his parents Cora Elsie Carnal Harty and Ruben Franklin Harty II - 1942

Paul & Izella with their first born, Paul Jr - Spring 1945
(They look a lot happier now that they are together again and new child in hand!)

Izella and Paulette - early 1950's

Izella in Mid-1960's


Paul Jr. said...

Great pictures! Thanks to Celesta and Brent for posting them. I have never seen the pictures of mom and dad in the sand pit, and wasn't aware that there was a sand pit near Grampa Harty's (Ruben)but I'm not surprised, as that area was affected by the New Madrid Earthquake and that pit must have been one of the areas where sand poured forth from deep in the earth. The picture of mom and Paulette appears to be taken between the large trees in the front yard of grandpa & grandma Lewis' home. The picture of "Dan", dad's horse and mom and dad is one that I do not remember ever seeing, but it sure is cute! Thanks again for the posting of these great pictures.

CSA Brent said...

Yea, aren't these great pictures? I wonder how many other gems Paulette has out there in Arizona waiting for Celesta to scan in?! Keep up the great work, Celesta! These are just very interesting pics and help me feel closer to not only Grandpa Harty, but the love of his life who I never got to meet - Izella.

Beth Marie said...

I remember Aunt Izella very well. She was a lovely lady.

Beth Marie