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This site is dedicated to researching the Harty Family in the United States of America. Drawing our lineage back to Hans Jacobsen Hartje, immigrating from Bern, Switzerland and arriving in America on April 16, 1663 in New Amsterdam (modern day New York City), our line has been based out of Southeast Missouri since the late 1790's. The primary aim of this site is to gather the family together from across the Nation and even the entire world, as we seek to number our family and take pleasure in the diversity of each individual in the Harty Family.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Battle Hymn of the Republic

This is a great little slide show with of course, the Battle Hymn of the Republic being performed by elementary, and high school students. This arrangement was originally performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, it appears in 1960. These youth did a fantastic job, and it is almost as moving as what the MoTab did.

The slide show goes along quite well. As Memorial Day just recently passed, this is a fitting VIDEO. Enjoy!

It takes a while for the show to start...just be patient. It takes about 10 seconds till the text moves onto the slide show.

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